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To help you compare gear items & recognize consistent similarities between gear, our guides generally share

Section Content
Introduction We introduce the core function of this gear item or guide. That sets the page for us to talk holistically about household items you could use, rather than just outdoor-specific gear
What we carry A quick summary of what we carry that you can either buy or rent
What to use & how to choose The bulk of each guide. We review the household items or outdoor-specific gear that you can use to address this core function. Our goal is to help you understand the trade-offs so you can decide what's best given the trip conditions & your needs. For gear specifically, we review data such as price, capacity, weight, etc. to help you understand key considerations & their overlapping effects
Anatomy diagram For more complex gear, we describe the key parts
Usage tips For some gear, we provide broad knowledge of how to use it regardless of model, or expert tips to help you optimize your experience
Maintenance tips We've compiled our extensive experience with rental gear to help you repair, clean, & store your gear appropriately
Other products on the market We'll talk about other gear you may see but that may be less common (e.g., it's new or more niche), so you are fully knowledgeable about the options