How Self-Service Works

People often ask how we rent camping gear, climbing gear, and snow clothes for such low prices, and moreover how we run a free camping gear library. The answer: you make it possible when you use self-service!, and you also make checkout faster for yourself. So thank you for working with us!


Follow these steps once you are at our address (do not do this at home!)

  1. On a smartphone, open your order confirmation email
    From "[email protected]"; Subject: "Order info + access key link"
  2. Click the link to your "Order dashboard"
  3. At the top of the page, in the red box "Action Items", there should be a blue button that says "Here to pickup" or "Here to return"
  4. Click the button for another series of pages that will guide you to unlocking both gate & glass door and using our lockers
  5. Read each page carefully & do not move forward until you have completed all the instructions on the page to avoid being locked out


  • If you don't have a smartphone, you must come during Staffed hours
  • We have WiFi, username & password are in the body of the order confirmation email

Demo video

Test location sharing

For security, self-service requires you to be physically at the store. We recommend testing this location validation in advance as it's the step most likely to present issues (though still rare).

This is just a public test! To actually pick-up or return your gear, find your order confirmation email & click on your personal 'order dashboard' link

  1. Click the button below on your smartphone
  2. Once you get a pop-up window that asks to share location, click 'Yes' or 'Allow'



Location sharing should work for you when you come to the shop & go through the self-service process from your order dashboard