Last Minute Gear

Gear Repair

How it works

  1. Send photos (or even better, videos) with a description of the issue to [email protected]
  2. We will respond with pricing & timeframe (more info below)
  3. Drop off the item & pay
  4. We'll contact you when the item is ready for pickup

Discounted rentals while you wait!

While your item is in repair, you will receive 50% off rentals of the same type of item. Please call or text us to book so we can apply the discount.

Type of repair Our repair cost Parts cost (for DIY)
We offer standard sizes: #0 (most tents) or #1 (most tarps)
$5/each $1/each
Zippers (slider replacements only)
Zipper repairs can be frustrating, because it's not always immediately clear what the culprit is. Unless there are obvious points of damage, it could be either the slider or the track. Unfortunately we can't always tell, i.e., a track can look fine, but if a new zipper slider doesn't work well on it, we'd have to replace the track. We will do our best to keep you notified.
  • $15/each slider replacement
  • $70/each full rack replacement (up to 12 feet for tents)
  • $40/each most jacket lengths
$2/each slider
***Watch our repair video
Holes, rips, or tears in technical fabric or mesh fabric

For example, on tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes, etc.

For materials or areas where waterproofing is important (e.g., tents or outer layers), we may recommend a stick-on patch of *clear* Tenacious tape, since sewing introduces holes new holes, but we're open if you'd prefer a sewn on patch

For materials where waterproofing is not important (e.g., chair fabric or tent mesh), we sew on a patch of similar material. A photo and/or description will help us confirm we have the right material (note that our color options may be limited to basic tones like black)

$5-10 for *clear* Tenacious tape patch
Up to $30 for sewing work (e.g., at seam)
$3/each 20x3 inch piece of *clear* Tenacious tape
***Watch our repair video
Clothing seams (e.g., pant crotches, pant hems, jacket pits)
Requires re-sewing to reinforce the seam (for pant hems, e.g., ski pants that have dragged and shredded, we sew on a nylon patch). Generally, there is not a need to re-waterproof the area sewn
Up to $30 N/A
Leaky sleeping pad
We do a full submersion test to find holes ($25) & then conduct the appropriate repairs ($10). Once the submersion test is started, that part of the fee is not refundable. However if we discover irregular issues (e.g., we can't repair it), we will contact you before proceeding. Rarely, a pad may need to go through the test & repair cycle multiple times to catch all holes. A second cycle is included as a courtesy. If more cycles are needed, we will contact you first; unfortunately since the process is labor intensive, these will need to be paid, but we are happy to offer a discount
$35/pad $7/tube of Seam Seal
***Some manufacturers include a patch with some glue for field repairs (if you're renting with us, ask and we'll give you one for free), but these tend to not be as durable, so we recommend using seam sealant above once you get home
Sleeping bag laundry
Using appropriate technical detergent
$15 - synthetic bag
$25 - down bag
~$13/bottle of detergent from Nikwax or Granger's
***Stains don't come out very easily, laundry is best for refreshing & removing odors. Watch our repair video
Waterproof clothing laundry
Using appropriate technical detergents to both clean and then re-waterproof
$5/article of clothing
Tent poles (shared shipping cost only)
We cannot repair tent poles in-house. We ship our poles to Tent Pole Technologies. We're happy to ship your poles & split the shipping cost. You are responsible for ensuring they can repair your poles & then paying the cost of the repair and prorated shipping
Usually ~$5-20 for prorated shipping N/A

Other repair options

We're all about reuse, especially for high end gear that you should totally expect to last a lifetime! Here are some great resources. Please note that gear repair specialists are few-and-far-between, so be sure to double check pricing and wait times as these can get high!

  • Your regular tailor - give it a try, you'd be surprised! Tailors haev experience with zippers & fabrics which can translate into gear repairs as well. It's really about them having the right machine needles and replacement parts (which we may be able to provide) to get the job done. Certainly for issues with seams for hems in technical clothing, we'd definitely recommend checking!
  • Luggage repair specialist - may have experience with the larger zippers & tracks more commonly found in gear items
  • Shoe cobblers & repair specialists - may be able to help with issues with climbing shoe uppers (e.g., lace eyelets) since climbing shoe resolers are often very backed up
  • Narain's - tent, backpack, clothing, and general gear repair specialist tailor based in Berkeley
  • Rainy Pass Repair - general gear specialist based in Washington, can also do waterproofing of tents (a service many repair shops, including us, are not set up to provide)
  • Tent Pole Technologies - for everything pole related. Not necessarily just for tents, they may be able to help with poles for pitch style tables & chairs
  • Going back to the brand - higher end brands (e.g., Osprey, Big Agnes, Nemo, Thermarest, etc.) are quite good about doing in-house repairs, often at great rates!